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Re: [aspectj-users] problem with pointcut capturing the second ar gument of a constructor call

Hi Elizabeth,
You're partly correct; the pointcut should have been:

    pointcut emailConstruction(String[] to) :
        call(public werner.ais.battery.util.Email.new(..))
        && args(*, to,..);

With "to", instead of String[], in the args list (I originally posted a version that got changed around when I was trying out different things!); I'm following the example on page 191 of the _Eclipse AspejctJ_ book (by Colyer, Clemet, Harley, and Webster).  They list several wildcard patterns for binding the second parameter of an argument list:

args(*, arg2, *, *, *)
args(*, arg2, ..)
args(..,arg2,*, *, *)

Where arg2, in my case, is "to".  The first and last ones won't work for me, because they specify a determinate number of parameters after arg2; I'm trying to write a pointcut which will capture 2 constructors-- one with 2 arguments after "to", and one with a variable number (varargs) parameter after "to".  For both, I know that "to" is the second parameter, but I don't know how many arguments will follow it, so the second option above seemed to be the best choice, but I cannot seem to get it to compile.  Even with changing "String[]" to "to" in the args list, it still give me the same compile error:  "Syntax error on token ";", Type expected after this token". 

I did also try the way you suggest:  "args(*, String[] to, ..)", but that gives me 2 errors:  the original error, and "Syntax error on token "to"; ")" expected", so I don't think that's the way to go.  (Thanks for the suggestions, though-- it did help me find a mistake!).

This is driving me nuts..If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!


On 10/4/07, Echlin Harmer, Elizabeth <echline@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Tim
Is the problem that you have declared you are collecting context "emailConst(String[] to)" but you haven't bound it to any args?
i.e. should it be "&& args(*, String[] to, ..);"
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This really has me stumped...according to everything I've read, I think the pointcut below should accomplish what I need, but I cannot get it to compile (I'm getting the following compile error:  "Syntax error on token ";", Type expected after this token").

Here is the pointcut definition:

    pointcut emailConstruction(String[] to) :
        call(public werner.ais.battery.util.Email.new(..))
        && args(*, String[] ,..);

I'm trying to define a pointcut on a constructor call for the Email class, and I want to capture the second argument (which is a String array).  The error message is coming from the last line of the pointcut (the args(*, String[], ..) part).  I'm stumped...Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!



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