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RE: [aspectj-users] AspectJ and @Override annotation

I think this is a straight java problem.  @Override indicates to the compiler that this method overrides a method in a super class.  This is different from implementing a method defined in an interface.
These examples should work.
public interface MyString {
  String toString();
public class MyClass1 implements MyString {
  // Implemented toString from MyString and also overrides toString from Object
  public String toString() { ... }
  public void foo();
public interface HasFoo {
  void foo();
public class MyClass2 extends MyClass1 implements HasFoo {
  // Implements foo from HasFoo but also overrides foo from MyClass1
  public void foo() { ... }
To do what you want, you need to use a different annotation (your.package.Implements?)

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Sure, here's an example:

public interface NiceThing {
        void doSomethingNice();

public class NiceImplementation implements NiceThing {
        public void doSomethingNice()
                System.err.println("Have a nice day now!");

Running in eclipse with Maven2's ApectJ plugin:

[ERROR] The method doSomethingNice() of type NiceImplementation must override a superclass method

Anyone ever had this problem? Google couldn't answer me...


On 8/18/07, Dean Wampler <dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There shouldn't be any conflicts. Can you post an example demonstrating the problems you're having?


On Aug 18, 2007, at 6:07 PM, Rodrigo Madera wrote:

Hello community,

I have a project that has @Override annotations over methods that are being implemented (as oposed to overriden) which is acceptable by Javac.

Is there any known incompatibility with AspectJ and @Override annotations for implementing methods? I'm getting some errors on this on my ported project.

Thanks for any help,

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