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[aspectj-users] AJDT, aop(-ajc).xml, LTW

I'm converting my workspace from a single project,
where aspects are compile time-woven into the app, to
one where I can build the app and aspects seperately
and then LTW when debugging.
I then created a LTW debug config to LTW the plain
java project, giving the Apects project on the LTW
It didn't work - I just get:
"[WeavingURLClassLoader] warning parse definitions
failed -- (SAXParseException) Premature end of file."
- so, thinking it was because the file didn't exist -
I ticked "outxml" on the compiler tab of the Aspects
project and tried again; but I still get the same -
which I'm guessing is because the aop-ajc.xml which is
generated is completely empty...


Should the "OutXML" option for aspectj compiler
generate a completely empty file?  Shouldn't it
include all the aspects in the Aspects project -
otherwise - what's the point of generating it?
And why is it called aop-ajc.xml and not aop.xml?

I'm confused!


P.S. I'm using the Europa releases of Eclipse and

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