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[aspectj-users] Load-time weaving of a web-application in Tomcat

I have not been successful in load-time weaving a web-application deployed in Tomcat 5.5 using JAR file with aspects either in /common/lib or /shared/lib directory. I'd like to separate aspects from my web-application. Here's what I have:
package com.aspects.package;
import com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass;
public aspect MyAspect {
 pointcut initialize(com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass weavedInstance) :
  target(weavedInstance) &&
  execution(* *initialize());
 before(com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass weavedInstance) :
MyWeavedClass.java in web application
package com.weaved.application.package.;
public class MyWeavednClass
    public void initialize() {}
  <aspect name="com.aspects.package.MyAspect"/>
     <weaver options="-verbose -debug -showWeaveInfo -Xlint:default">
      <include within="com.aspects.package.*"/>
Everything seems to work until actual execution:
[WebappClassLoader@1554233] info register classloader org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader@1554233
[WebappClassLoader@1554233] info using configuration file:/C:/tomcat55/shared/lib/myaspect.jar!/META-INF/aop.xml
[WebappClassLoader@1554233] info register aspect com.aspects.package.MyAspect
[WebappClassLoader@1554233] debug weaving 'com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass'
[WebappClassLoader@1554233] weaveinfo Join point 'method-execution(void com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass.initialize())' in Type 'com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass'(MyWeavedClass.java:153) advised by before advice from 'com.aspects.package.MyAspect' (MyAspect .aj:11)
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/weaved/application/MyWeavedClass
 at com.aspects.package.MyAspect.ajc$before$com_aspect_package_MyAspect$1$5d8f1ad6(MyAspect.aj:14)
 at com.weaved.application.package.MyWeavedClass.initialize(MyWeavedClass.java:153)
Within eclipse I created Aspect project and used Export... to export JAR file with AspectJ support. What am I doing wrong?
Any help greatly appreciated.
Andre Piwoni


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