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Re: [aspectj-users] Eclipse question (possibly off-topic)

Your question is a bit vague (at least to me :-).  If you want to know how, within code written to extend Eclipse, how to get and manipulate classpaths and how to run programs with a Java virtual machine you need to understand the launch API.  A good starting point is here:


If you are doing something outside of Eclipse and want to be able to parse the ".classpath" file then you need to have a look at the implementation of the JDT (Java Development Tools) as I don't believe working with these files is part of the public API of Eclipse.

Either way, good luck.

Tim Halloran
SureLogic, Inc.

On 7/30/07, Kevin F <aj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Hi all,

I know that this isn't directly related to this list; however,
everyone seems extremely interested in all things Eclipse -- as am
I.  I'm working on another project that needs to parse a .classpath
and we need to find the rules for it.  It doesn't list a schema
definition and my Google searches just come up with problems people
have getting their XML projects working using Eclipse, not anything
about parsing the Eclipse .classpath XML.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please forgive me if anyone
considers this off-topic; this was the most knowledgeable, friendly
list I could think of.

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