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RE: [aspectj-users] Help in Eclipse + AspectJ using AJDT

When I use inpath of aspect project, I do see some .class files copied
to the aspect project. But I do not see any markers on the aspect file.
Also, the files that are copied/woven are not actual calsses that I adviced
but the other classes that use this class. When I advice on 'execution method()'
pointcut I expected the class that I advice should be modified, is it not correct?
Also, I can not run them since I need other classes to run this.
So, I tried to use aspect path of the other project (yes, I converted to AJ
projctec form Java project).  In this case I see a warning on the advice saying
it is not applied. Somehow aspect can not see the class in this case.
Thanks again

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Try this:
Take your class, which you are sure the aspect works on and move it to another package. Repair the import in your aspect, such that it points to the moved class. Now, does the aspect bind to the moved class? If it does, then you probably made some mistake.


2007/7/24, Srinivas Palthepu <spalthepu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I tried that too. I tried putting other project class dir in the inpath
of the
Aspect project. Also, I tried putting spect dir in aspectpath of the
other project.
Nothing seem to be working. Aspect's advices are not applied to the
I don't see any error or warning in the pointcut definition or advice
definition though.