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Re: [aspectj-users] weave-only w/o aspectj runtime elements

I presume you mean the forwarding methods ajc$XXX that are invoked
from the woven code and that actually execute your desired behaviour.
No, those can't be removed.  We work hard to optimize what is inserted
but we have that layer of indirection to ease situations like separate
compilation.  Suppose you change the behaviour you want to be woven,
by using the indirection we only have to recompile the aspect - if
everything was inlined directly then we'd have to recompile/reweave


On 10/07/07, David Wood <dawood@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We're trying to use the AspectJ compiler to do byte code insertion (perhaps that's where we've gone wrong). We are building a runtime performance monitor and therefore need to avoid any overhead. As such, we need only our methods to be inserted at the point cuts and not to have the full AspectJ runtime elements loaded at all during runtime. AspectJ's regular expression pointcut definitions and weaving are what originally attracted us, but we would like to avoid the compiler inserting the aspect classes as wrappers around the code we want inserted, Anyway to do this? If not, is there another tool we should be considering instead? Thanks.

David Wood,

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