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[aspectj-users] Configure IAJC Ant task to ignore already weaved-in .class files

I am getting the following JVM exception when running the classes that have been weaved-in with the IAJC Ant target multiple times.

“java.lang.ClassFormatError: Repetitive field name/signature in class file com/mycompany/MyClass”


The reason why sometimes I end up running IAJC against the same compiled code multiple times is that I don’t know if the code has changed since the last time IAJC was run. The only way I was able to solve the problem is by recompiling all my classes before running IAJC Ant target, which is very time-consuming.


Is there a way to configure IAJC Ant task to only weave an aspect in a .class file if this aspect has not been weaved in the file before?