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Re: [aspectj-users] No WEAVEINFO messages for cflow pointcuts!

The if() statement you quote is talking about kinds of advice - but
your message talks about pointcuts???

That if() statement will allow for advice attached to cflow pointcuts just fine:

public aspect A {

 before(): cflow(call(* m2(..))) && withincode(* m(..)) { }

 public void m() {m2();}
 public void m2() {}


ajc -showWeaveInfo A.java

Join point 'method-call(void A.m2())' in Type 'A' (A.java:5) advised
by before advice from 'A' (A.java:3) [with runtime test]

On 11/06/07, Heiko Seeberger <heiko.seeberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am using AJEER (http://ajeer.sourceforge.net/) which is a
load-time-weaving enabler for the eclipse Runtime. AJEER itself relies
on the AspectJ LTW API.

When using pointcuts with cflow(...) I run into serious trouble, because
AJEER relies on WEAVEINFO messages which seem only to be generated for
certain "interesting" pointcuts.

See org.aspectj.weaver.Shadow.reportWeavingMessage(...):
                // Only report on interesting advice kinds ...
                if (!( aKind.equals(AdviceKind.Before) ||
                       aKind.equals(AdviceKind.After) ||
                       aKind.equals(AdviceKind.AfterReturning) ||
                       aKind.equals(AdviceKind.AfterThrowing) ||
                       aKind.equals(AdviceKind.Around) ||
                       aKind.equals(AdviceKind.Softener))) return;

I kindly request help form the AJ gurus for that:
Why are cflow pointcuts not interesting?
Is there a chance to fix this?


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