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[aspectj-users] My first steps ..

Hi list!

I have used aspects until now only with dynamic proxies. The bytecode
massage was always feeling a bit awkward to me.

But I recently I did the step and applied my first aspect .. and it was great!
The possibilities are much better with aspectj as with dynamic
proxies, don't know about the performance yet.

I have some basic questions. What I do and want to do is LTW. I'm also
using a tomcat environment and code my aspects in Java using
I copied aspectjweaver.jar and aspectrt.jar into shared/lib and
created an aop.xml in shared/classes. I also copied my apsects into
shared/lib. After deploying my webapp the aspects are applied - fine.

What for are aspectjlib.jar and apsectjtool.jar?

Is there a way to have an extra aop.xml for every webapp or is it only
possible to have one global aop.xml file?

The <weaver><include> element in the config file, what does it do
excactly? Can I somehow specify on which classes (I want to weave just
my com.acme.* classes) my aspects are applied?
Whenever I use <weaver><include> the aspects won't get woven in.

Is it possible to only have the weaver apply the aspects when a given
classloader is used?
e.g. I want to weave when tomcat uses the classloader for the webapp
but not everytime a jsp gets loaded (I recognized the weaver kicks in
at every jsp being loaded)

I have multiple aspects and they get weaved in above each other. Is
there a way to tell my aspect not being applied to an aspect?
But I don't want a dependency between Aspect A and B. I managed to
exclude the whole package my aspects reside in, but what if I have an
aspect in another package?

That's all for now :-)
greetings from Asutria/Europe,