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[aspectj-users] AjcClosureX.class files

Currently I have an app deployed on weblogic, I need to create 4
pointcuts to intercept calls. I have them defined and when I compile and
jar all the code together it creates AjcClosure files in the existing
code and works correctly.  
Existing object (Factory.java)

Created class

But I want the aspectJ code separate to the existing code. When I build
the two separately the AjcClosure files are not created because the main
app is build separately, but I see there are 4 AjcClosure class files
built in my aspectJ project (obviously Factory$AjcClosure1 does not
exist), I would have thought these classes should be used when running,
but when I debug it looks for AjcClosure class files in the existing
code base (Factory$AjcClosure1).

Here is an example of one of my point cuts

	public pointcut pointCutOne(String fname, String sname) : 
	    	call(public Quote Factory.changeDetails(String, String)
throws JdbcUtilException ) && args(fname, sname);

	Object around(String fname, String sname) : 
             changeContactDetails(fname, sname) {
			Object resultObj = proceed(fname, sname);
			return resultObj;

Where am I going wrong?