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Re: [aspectj-users] Building Eclipse from source using AspectJ; Checkpointing; Tracing


If you want to weave Eclipse then a better approach would be load-time weaving. Please take a look at the Aspects Equinox Incubator http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/incubator/aspects/index.php. You can pick and choose the plug-ins that need weaving rather than trying to build the whole platform from scratch.

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[aspectj-users] Building Eclipse from source using AspectJ;        Checkpointing; Tracing

    I am interested in integrating a programming language into Eclipse, and I am trying to figure out how to go about understanding how Eclipse works.  To this end, I thought of running Eclipse in a debugger to understand its dynamic behavior.  If that would be the case, I think it would be useful to have some sort of tracing and/or checkpointing support as well as logging.  Because of these issues, AspectJ came to mind because aspects would be a good way to implement these features.  At this time I desire to know, can Eclipse 3.2 be built from source using AspectJ?  I am the Ant build files would need to be altered.  Currently, I am have trouble compiling Eclipse 3.2 using regular Java, getting tens of thousands of errors.  I addressed this problem with another newsgroup, but additionally if anyone has an idea here, I would appreciate it.  Also, could someone comment on the feasibility of implementing the above features using AspectJ?  
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