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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.5.3: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.aspectj.apache.bcel.generic.MethodGen

Not necessarily - i'm just saying I know there are some bugs we have
in annotation style around advice, and they manifest as things like
StackOverflow because the generated code is incorrect. These problems
don't happen for code style around advice - because it can do more
checking and do a better job of generating code.

you could try translating your pointcut/advice to code style and see
if ajc likes it - or take a read of:


which describes some 'unwritten rules' about using @AJ Around advice.

On 27/02/07, Santiago Aguiar <santi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Andy Clement wrote: With code style aspects we can do more type checking than we can for annotation style aspects - and there are some bugs related to specification of parameters for around advice, when using annotation style, that manifest as this kind of failure (StackOverflow) - when code style would work perfectly. This is why when I saw your failure, I assumed annotation style syntax. I'm using around advices. So the problem is that I probably have an ill defined pointcut?.



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