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Re: [aspectj-users] Applying aspect in Facade EJB

Hi Marco, thank you for your answer.
createLocalSearchBORef() obtains a reference to a local EJB, and I'm assuming it is not always the same ref (since the app server takes ejb's from its pool) in every method call.

So, the findXXXX method obtains a reference to an local EJB, makes a call to a method of that EJB, and  then destroys it.

I tried writing an aspect using @AspectJ style without success.


On 2/13/07, Marco Mistroni < mmistroni@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
my 2 cents here
well, yes you can do it wiht ASpectJ..


why would you want to go thru the expensive process of obtaining a reference of an EJB (i am ASSUMING, reading the code, that since no particular parameters are passed to  createLocalSearchBORef();the LOcalSearchBORef is always the same..)  for the sole purpose of removing it at the end of the method?


On 2/13/07, Rafael Martony < rmartony@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone, I'm new to aspects and I'm trying to apply this exciting technology in our project.

I have a Facade EJB that contains several methods like these:

public List<XXXX> findXXXX(SearchCriteria searchCriteria, SortCriteria sortCriteria) throws BusinessException, RuleValidationException {
        LocalSearchBO localSearchBORef = null;
        try {
            localSearchBORef = createLocalSearchBORef(); // obtains a local EJB reference
            return localSearchBORef.findKeyXXXX(searchCriteria, sortCriteria);
        } finally {

I want to write an aspect to eliminate the need of writing of removeEJB (and the try-finally sentences) on every method.
Is it possible to do that with an aspect?

One possibility is to define localSearchBORef in the class having synchronized access to that field. But I think there's a better solution.

Any help would be appreciated, regards,

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