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[aspectj-users] joinpoint in interface

My question:
In the following example, how do I write my pointcut to trigger on any
implementing classes annotation, i.e. so BOTH A) and B) are adviced (without
having to annotate the interface) 

I have the following pointcut defined:
  any method call to facade package returning a subclass of StatusResult and 
  annotated with TranslateExceptionToInternal
  from within the client package
  pointcut annotatedFacadeCall(TranslateExceptionToInternal
translateExceptionToInternal) :
    && within(com.salestool.client..*)
    && call(@TranslateExceptionToInternal StatusResult+

a method of a class in facade package is annotated...
public class UserServiceFacadeImpl implements UserServiceFacade {

  public StatusResult saveUpdateUser(user) {

...but NOT its corresponding method in the interface
public interface UserServiceFacade {
  public StatusResult saveUpdateUser(user);

The following works fine, A):

package com.salestool.client;
public class MyController {
  public void myMethod() {
    UserServiceFacadeImpl userFacadeImpl = new UserServiceFacadeImpl();
    userFacadeImpl.saveUpdateUser(user); //is adviced

BUT since programming against interfaces is good manners I changed the code
to, B)

  public void myMethod2() {
    UserServiceFacade userFacade = new UserServiceFacadeImpl();
    userFacade.saveUpdateUser(user); //is NOT adviced

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