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Re: [aspectj-users] After clean build, eclipse continues to use the processor for a while

Try opening the AJDT Event Trace View (Window > Show View > Other > AspectJ)
During a build you'll then see messages to indicate the completion of
various phases, such as the actual compilation and then generation of
the crosscutting relationship map. After that AJDT shouldn't be doing
anything else to tie up the CPU. You could also try opening the
Progress view to see if anything else is shown there.



On 30/01/07, Konstantinos Kougios <ariskk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

            I work for a fairly large project. After doing a clean build
and the build is complete, eclipse continues to use the processor for a
while. Any ideas what is causing this?

I'm using Eclipse 3.3M4 with the Mon, 29 Jan 2007 -- 11:23 (-0500) build
of the AJDT plugin.


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