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[aspectj-users] how to write an Aspect for the inheritance architecture of target.

Hi all,
I'm a newcomer of Aspect, so forgive me for my unaware basical problem.

I want to count Web Service methods call, such as how many number of call to one WS method in last 5 minutes?
and there's many Web Service, each of which has many WSmethod.
And I want to write just one Aspect to serve all.

I can only use java annotation and spring's support.

[quoting from AspectJ]
/The 1.5.0 release of AspectJ 5 does not support annotation style declarations for declare parents ... extends and declare soft (programs with these declarations would not in general be compilable by a regular Java 5 compiler, reducing the priority of their implementation). These may be supported in a future release./

/ Declare annotation is also not supported in the 1.5.0 release of AspectJ 5./

So whether there is a workaround to judge which method is calling? and in which web service method instead of using instanceof or use String.equal() as the boolean condition in if/elseif/else?

appreciate your help.