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[aspectj-users] need suggestion on how to deal with anti-aspectj people :(

hi all,
  i have developed a project using aspectj, because i had a business rule that needed to be applied in various layers of
the application.
Only problem is that, every time in my RAD i change the code of a class that is affected by an aspect, aspectj plugin for eclipse
recompile the whole project (aind since i have many dependencies, it ends up recompiling all projects in my workspace)

many of my colleagues are pissed off for this, and they want to drop aspectj because 'it takes hell lot of time to compile, surely if we write
a class with the business rule, and call it from every part in the code where is needed, we can achieve the same effect without having the compilation hell'

beside that with this idea we need to add one extra parameter for every single method where we need to apply the business rule (should be a pain, but withh eclipse quick-and-fix shortcuts that refactor all methods where you need to add an extra parameter,  everything is easy), i haven't found any arguments to counterattack.....

anyone can give me some please?
i have said that with aspectj, you wouldn't need to change any signle line of code to apply a business rule, because everything is coded into aspect... but to them, this is not enough....

thanks and regards