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Re: [aspectj-users] Compiler options

If you are using the JDT compiler in batch mode, then switching to ajc
you can just do 'ajc -?' and you will see the set of warnings it
supports which can be switched off with 'ajc -warn:'.  Effectively it
is the same set supported by the 3.1 JDT compiler upon which it is
based.  If you are in Eclipse then the options that can be set through
the UI that existed in 3.1 will work.


On 08/01/07, eric.lessard@xxxxxxxxxxx <eric.lessard@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm currently using the Eclipse compiler with all its nice compilation warnings (e.g., missing JavaDoc, unused imports, etc.) and want to switch to AspectJ's compiler. I would like to know if the AspectJ compiler supports the same warnings and if so, how to turn them on?

Thanks and regards,

Eric Lessard
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