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[aspectj-users] FYI, Improved JDK 6 performance

Title: Dean Wampler's Signature
FWIW, here are some very rough numbers of performance improvements between JDK 5 and 6.  I'm running the test suites for Contract4J under both of them, on my ThinkPad running Linux. One set of numbers runs the test suite using load-time weaving (LTW). The other uses binary weaving when building the suite. The test suite code is compiled using javac; the Contract4J jar is compiled using ajc 1.5.  There are 39 JUnit test files with a total of 282 tests.F

There is lots of I/O in both cases (and a lot more for LTW), so that skews the results. To reduce the skew, I piped all output to /dev/null.

               jdk 5         jdk 6

LTW            88.8 sec      56.8 sec    36% faster
Binary         19.0 sec      15.5 sec    18% faster

faster by      4.57 x        3.66 x

Note that in both cases, using LTW for the JUnit tests takes roughly 4x as long.


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