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Re: [aspectj-users] Good old ".lst" files

We are now more closely aligned with JDT, using the same mechanism to
exclude files from the classpath. However you can still process
ajproperties files when calling iajc from an Ant build file. For

<property file="tracelib.ajproperties"/>

  <target name="compile" >
    <iajc srcdir="." includes="${src.includes}"
excludes="${src.excludes}" fork="true"/>

        <pathelement .../>


On 11/12/06, Charles Zhang <zhangcharles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, Matt, I assume the ".ajproperties" files are for AJDT. Does ajc recognize this format? I use ".lst" files for ajc to generate different versions of the same code base. The old capability in AJDT allows me to develop and to debug these different versions easily. Is there now a disconnect between ajdt build configurations and ajc build configurations?



Yawn !!

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Hi Charles,

If you want support for .lst files, use an old version of AJDT :)
Simply convert them to .ajproperties files there, which you can then
import into Eclipse 3.2.


On 02/12/06, Charles Zhang <zhangcharles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, AJDT gods, I have a lot of configuration file saved as ".lst" files. In the last major version of AJDT, I have the options of turning them into build properties. In Eclipse 3.2, I can't find the option anymore. It would be painful to manually convert them, I have a lot. Any ways of invoking the old fashion way? Thanks.
> Charles
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