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[aspectj-users] debugging "with runtime test"?

I have advised that is getting weaved with a runtime test:

@Pointcut("get(@com.foliofn.icconvert.folio1.account.SessionContext org.hibernate.SessionFactory *.*) && @target(sc)")
void sessionFactoryFieldGet(SessionContext sc){}
@Pointcut("get(@com.foliofn.icconvert.folio1.account.SessionContext org.hibernate.Session *.*) && @target(sc)")
void sessionFieldGet(SessionContext sc){}
public SessionFactory getSessionFactory(JoinPoint jp, SessionContext sc){
return sessionFactories.get(sc.unitName());
public Session getSession(JoinPoint jp, SessionContext sc){
return sessionFactories.get(sc.unitName()).getCurrentSession();

The advise never executes, but I cannot see why. I've turned on the weavers debugging in aop.xml but that adds no new information. Is there any way I get aspectj to log info at runtime on the actual checks?