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RE: [aspectj-users] Class file too big after aspect weaving

Hi Lawrence,

Another thing to consider is advising executions instead of calls, at least
excluding calls into your own packages. If you just want to trace methods,
it's a lot more efficient to do it once at method execution than everywhere
the method is called.

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I have a pointcut that captures all calls in my application and in the 
advice, those method names and parameter names are logged to a file.

When the above aspect is weaved into my application, the class file sizes 
have increased 10 times in some cases. I am not sure how such a bloated ear 
files affects the application server. I am afraid that I might get 
OutOfMemoryError and haven't tried it on our server yet.

I am not worried about the performance issues. It is ok if the application 
runs slow as long as I don't get OutOfMemoryError. Just wondering if anyone 
on this list has tried anything like this and if so, I would like to know 
their experiences.


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