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RE: [aspectj-users] must be obvious

thanks for the response, but the shared classes don't necessarily have the aspects on them when used by other projects so I don't want to impose that on other uses of the shared classes. The core functionality of the shared classes is the only thing that should be available. The actual aspects (in original project) are advising sub classes of the shared classes.
Orignal Project 1
class A
class B extends A
aspect --
pointcut login(HttpServletRequest request, ActionForm form):
  execution(ActionForward *.process(ActionMapping, ActionForm, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse)) // actually refers to class A
  && target(B)
  && args(*, form, request, *);

I have moved the common class A to a jar file (along with other common classes) with pointcut remaining the same.
Does this help with diagnosis??

>>> akira_in_tokyo@xxxxxxxxxxx 27/10/06 13:21:33 >>>

I guess what is happening is that you are exporting your classes to another
project but you are not exporting the aspects with them. I assume you are
creating a new AspectJ project since you did not report any error in your
new Eclipse project. So I guess just copying aspects will do the job.

A possible reason for this to happen is the following difference:

Scenario 1 ) Original project: Struts classes use classes altered by
Scenario 2 ) New project structure: Struts classes use non-altered classes.

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>Subject: [aspectj-users] must be obvious
>Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 12:48:14 +0100
>I have a struts application which has some common artifacts with other
>projects which have some aspects configures to advise on some of these
>methods - all is fine when I have these common objects in the project
>(Eclipse) as source files. However, I have just extracted these out of
>my project into a new project in order to build a jar file of them
>(using Maven). The application still works in itself but the aspects
>that advise the extracted object methods no longer work.
>I can't understand why this is so - can anyone explain this?

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