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Re: [aspectj-users] UML modeling of aspects

Interesting at many levels: I am looking for the ability to model an aspect library with abstract aspects, aspect interfaces, inheritance, and methods of various levels of visibility.
Many of the papers found searching the internet like that turn up efforts to model applications which include aspects, thus showing the application of aspects to an application.
Both are very useful, I suspect tool support for the latter is far off at this time. But if you try to load an aspect in an existing tool you run into syntactical errors, because the java language has been extended. So you can't even get a class diagram of a single aspect, even if you name the file someAspect.java. That is the sort of tool support I was looking at for this go around.
It is possible that:
1. there is no such project and there is/isn't interest in one.
2. there is a project
3. the effort needs to be towards fully adding aspectj to the java language
4. the effort needs to be towards fully supporting modeling of aspects as they are used in an application
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(Google search on "UML aspect oriented programming" turned up this and several other useful links)
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It seems so natural now to have tool support for generating models from source, is there a project for this or is there already a tool for this?
Forward and reverse engineering is beyond even my desires at this point. I just want to be able to aprehend the function of an aspect library without reading thru the whole thing and writing a series of HelloWorlds.
Owen Corpening
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