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Re: [aspectj-users] Mixing post-compile and load-time weaving

Matthew Webster wrote On 10/11/06 09:44,:


The reason you have not found any detailed documentation is because what you are trying to do is unusual. You say you are using a custom class loader to define dynamically generated classes. If you only want to weave these classes then only add the aop.xml declaring the aspect you want to use to the CLASSPATH of the custom class loader. When you use the agent all other class loaders will also attempt to weave or reweave the classes they define but no aop.xml configuration will be found. The weaving adaptor for the loader will be disabled and the previously woven classes used straight off disk.
I guess that my main issue with the AOP docs as they stand. Once you get beyond the obvious there isn't much help. Your proposal a litle tricky because the custom classloader is embedded in the directory tree of the app. In any event, since I am using this primarily for tracing, I can live with the (potentially) slow startup due to total load-time weaving.