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[aspectj-users] Load time weaving and classpath!


We are using AspectJ in our project to get debug information at may
places and this aspects do have a lot of imports because
they do fetch lots of specific data inside the aspects.

We now starting to change our performance measurement setup to Load Time
Weaving - means that our points where we want
to measure  time are added dynamically - the debug part ist still added
at compile time.

The compile time aspects are reweavable and I have an aop.xml where they
are defined again.

We are running OAS (jdk 1.4.2) that is normally started with -jar
oc4j.jar and all other jar files from our applications
are added automatically to the cp.
My big problem is that when I change to LTW I have to add  every single
jar file that is imported into any of the aspects
to the classpath of the server (and this has quite some implications
because e.g. log4j is not initialized properly then).

Is there a way that the aspectj compiler does NOT load the  aspects that
are defined at startup. I think it has to load it right now
because it has to read the join points where the aspects have  to be
used ... 
Would this be still the case if the join points are defined in the xml?
I don't know if the classloader does load the aspects no matter

Any more details in this area would be great.


@Ron: Glassbox on OAS with jdk 1.4.2 is still in my mind - but we still
have problem to get our system properly running..