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RE: [aspectj-users] Unexpected weaving

Title: Unexpected weaving
OK, the classes which end up being woven are IDL generated classes. These classes all end up in a package called
com.ericsson.nms.cif.cs.Configuration (and further sub-packages).
My aspect picks up on classes in com.ericsson.nms.cif.cs and other sub-packages but not Configuration (as far as I can see).
It's a bit complicated but here it is anyway ...
We could get around this by not generating the IDL until the weaving is completed, but I would prefer to understand what I'm doing wrong.


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Subject: RE: [aspectj-users] Unexpected weaving

Can you give more details like the aspect and the classes that appears to be woven even though they should not be?

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I am encountering some problems with certain classes being woven when not expected.

Looking at my aspects these classes should not match any of the defined pointcuts, yet are being output as being woven when I run the ANT iajc task in verbose mode.

Using AspectJ inbuilt into Eclipse it is showing these particular classes as being un-affected by the aspect I have defined, i.e. there are no cross-references being detected by the Eclipse plug-in.

Is there any way I can determine which advice is affecting the classes concerned during the Ant task?


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