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Re: [aspectj-users] LTW examples

Thank you for reply.

I have already read at devguide, but it says just what can I do with LTW and not how can I do.

Dean Wampler ha scritto:
I think there are examples here: http://www.eclipse.org/aspectj/doc/released/devguide/ltw.html

Stalsy wrote:
Hi all,

do you know where can I get any LTW concrete examples based on org.aspectj.weaver.tools.* API, please? In particularly I'm looking for an example that compile and weave an aspect created after my program is launched if exists.

EX: I launch my java program, create a file "example.aj" ( an aspect ) and than I would weave that aspect into my program ( or just compile it ). This allow me to create custom aspect at runtime.

thanks to all, best regards


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