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Re: [aspectj-users] declare parents syntax

Thanks Ron, I know that. But the thing is that the same pattern is used in pointcuts to apply additional aspects to the very same classes. Hence a duplication that may lead to some unexpected typos.


Ron Bodkin wrote:
Hi Eugene,

declare parents accepts a type pattern, not a pointcut. A type pattern picks
out types, whereas a pointcut picks out join points. The expression inside a
within pointcut are is a type pattern.

Here's an example of using declare parents to match a type pattern, which is
surely what you wanted to do with within:

declare parents: com.xyz..* implements XyzType;

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I wonder why "declare parents" introduction syntax does not allow to use within(*) pointcut expression?

This limitation lead to significant amount of duplication in the aspect code and/or makes xml-based aspect definitions more verbose. The only workaround I know is to "bridge" trough annotation introduction, but that approach does not work on 1.4 and looks like a hack.

I thought I saw that it was possible to use within pointcuts for this in some old version of AspectJ but it was removed. I might be mistaken though...