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Re: [aspectj-users] Custom JoinPoints

AspectJ is open-source, so you can write and use a different implementation.
aspectjrt.jar combines the runtime and aspectj5rt projects.

Just make sure it's binary-compatible, and, for clarity's sake, rename the 
jar as your internal version - e.g., "aspectjrt-tencor-1.1.jar"

If you want us to support new features, please submit a compelling bug/use-case.

Thanks - 


> ------------Original Message------------
> From: "Chandan, Savita" <Savita.Chandan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: aspectj-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Wed, Sep-27-2006 2:08 PM
> Subject: [aspectj-users] Custom JoinPoints
>  Hi
> Does AspectJ allow inheriting from the JoinPoint class and creating a
> custom JoinPoint class?
> If it does how do I plug in the derived JoinPoint into AspectJ
> framework?
> Thanks,
> Savita
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