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Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT Team: Fix for bug 150671 in AJDT version: 1.2.2 for Eclipse 3.0


It is not possible to change just the compiler, as there have been interface changes since AspectJ 1.5.1 which require AJDT changes.

It would be possible for us to backport the compiler and associated AJDT changes, and thereby create an AJDT 1.2.3 for Eclipse 3.0, although that would be a fair amount of work. I suggest you raise an AJDT enhancement request for this, so that we can consider it, and if anyone else has a similiar requirement, they can vote or comment on the bug.



On 12/09/06, G Balaji <gopinathanbalaji@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
AJDT team,

When will (or, will it ever) the fix for bug 150671 ( https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=150671) make it to AJDT 1.2.2 for Eclipse 3.0?

The AJDT Event trace view in my installation of IRAD 6.0 shows:

AJDT version: 1.2.2 for Eclipse 3.0
ajde.version.at.previous.startup =

Because of certain corporate restrictions, I am, for now, stuck with IRAD 6.0 (Eclipse 3.0). Is is possible to update (_only_) the AspectJ compiler used by AJDT?

G Balaji
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