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Re: [aspectj-users] Re: Weird problem with AJDT: source full of inexistent errors

I have had simular problems, but no fix scenario to reproduce it. Clean seems indeed the way to solve them.



2006/9/5, Daniel Mahler < dmahler@xxxxxxxxx>:

I get spurious errors from my aspect projects reasonably often.
I alway do Project->Clean when I have a problem I do not understand,
as that makes spurious problems go away.
I have not reported in in bugzilla as it is hard to reproduce.


On 9/5/06, José González Gómez < jgonzalez.openinput@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm facing a really weird behavior of AJDT and would like to know if
> somebody has found the same. The behavior seemed to be kind of random, but
> it seems I've been able to reproduce it consistently. The steps:
> 1. I have an aspect named JavaBeanAspect.aj, opened with the AspectJ/Java
> editor, showing a lot of error markers. The errors seemed to be caused by
> Eclipse parsing the file as a java file instead of as an aspect. For
> example, the first marker I get says "Syntax error on token "aspect",
> interface expected". A lot of syntax errors follow.
> 2. I close Eclipse.
> 3. I open Eclipse. The already opened file still shows the error markers,
> while Eclipse is building the workspace. Once the percentage reaches 74%
> (don't know if this is important) the error markers disappear, and I see a
> perfectly correct aspect with its advice markers.
> 4. I edit the aspect, making some noticeable change (let's say I write
> anything to the console that I wasn't writing before). I save the aspect,
> and Eclipse builds the workspace. At some point while building the
> workspace, Eclipse again shows the error markers I describe at point 1. Once
> reached this point I haven't been able to go back to a correct state
> regarding error markers, and I'm unable to know if I'm really making any
> mistake while coding, as the errors shown aren't correct.
> 5. I run the application. I get a warning telling me that there are errors,
> but I anyway continue. The application runs correctly, with the change
> introduced in point 4.
> Any ideas? I'm totally lost.
> Using Eclipse 3.2, AJDT, with a bunch of other plugins.
> Thanks in advance, best regards
> Jose
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