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[aspectj-users] Weird problem with AJDT: source full of inexistent errors

Hi there,

I'm facing a really weird behavior of AJDT and would like to know if somebody has found the same. The behavior seemed to be kind of random, but it seems I've been able to reproduce it consistently. The steps:

1. I have an aspect named JavaBeanAspect.aj, opened with the AspectJ/Java editor, showing a lot of error markers. The errors seemed to be caused by Eclipse parsing the file as a java file instead of as an aspect. For example, the first marker I get says "Syntax error on token "aspect", interface expected". A lot of syntax errors follow.

2. I close Eclipse.

3. I open Eclipse. The already opened file still shows the error markers, while Eclipse is building the workspace. Once the percentage reaches 74% (don't know if this is important) the error markers disappear, and I see a perfectly correct aspect with its advice markers.

4. I edit the aspect, making some noticeable change (let's say I write anything to the console that I wasn't writing before). I save the aspect, and Eclipse builds the workspace. At some point while building the workspace, Eclipse again shows the error markers I describe at point 1. Once reached this point I haven't been able to go back to a correct state regarding error markers, and I'm unable to know if I'm really making any mistake while coding, as the errors shown aren't correct.

5. I run the application. I get a warning telling me that there are errors, but I anyway continue. The application runs correctly, with the change introduced in point 4.

Any ideas? I'm totally lost.

Using Eclipse 3.2, AJDT, with a bunch of other plugins.

Thanks in advance, best regards