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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ with Servlets on Tomcat 5.x

 don't be confused :)

 your WebApplication is just a java application..
aspectj weaves (that is, applies aspectj 'constructs') to java classes, no matter if they are servlets, ejbs, dtos, pojo...
no matter if they are webapp, or pojo apps
if your decompiled code contains aspectj calls, your code is ok..and has been weaved correctly.
AspectJ introduces this code because you are telling aspectj that you want to weave java classes that are in your webapplication.

If yoru ServletController code has NOT been weaved, there can be multiple reasons, one of which might be that your pointcuts does not apply to your ServletController.

OR, that your ServletController is in a different project of all the other classes that you are trying to weave
Sorry but i dont' know your project structure or your build tools to say more

are you using ant?maven1?maven2?
what is the structure of your project?
where are the classes that you need to weave?