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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ with Servlets on Tomcat 5.x

 should be only aspectj-rt.jar, that should be enough....
your files will be weaved during hte build phase of your application
so your weaved code will go into your war. i m not expert in what happens under the hood, but i supposed that your weaved code will try to find aspectj libraries when Tomcat will load your code
All you need to do is to make your aspectj jar available at runtime.. as i said either in your web-inf lib of your war or in the libraries that tomcat uses at runtime

in my case, @home i have placed aspectj libraries in jboss lib directory, while @work (i used aspectj on ejbs/daos) i have put them in my ear\lib directory


On 8/21/06, Jordi Cabré <cabrejcr@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok, thanks, I also thank it. But I supose that when you say <<"make sure you have aspectj on your classpath at runtime">>, you say me that I copy AspectJ jars file in my WEB-INF/lib app directory, no? What are these files? How does Tomcat know When he calls or uses these files?
 my 2 cents here..... for applying aspect to your code (no matter if it is servlet, standalone, ejb or anything) you'd need to weave your cod ebefore you deploy it
also, make sure you have aspectj on your classpath at runtime (either in WEB-INF/lib or your appserver lib directories)

i m applying aspectj to Actions in my webapplication, that was all i needed to do.....

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