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RE: [aspectj-users] Determination of interface implementation in apointcut

Neil, it sounds like you want a pointcut based on static types, such as:

// match execution of any method *defined in* a type that implements
pointcut execWithinInterface() :
  within(Interface+) && execution(* *(..)); 


// matches execution of any method declared by Interface or its implementers
pointcut execInterfaceExtensions() : 
  execution(* Interface+.(..));

class B {
   void foo() {} // matches neither

interface Interface {}

class D implements Interface {
   void foo() { super.foo(); } // matches both
   void bar() {} // matches both

These two pointcuts do differ in how they match inter-type declarations.

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I need to test whether a joinpoint is a member of a class that
implements a particular interface, and would like to avoid a runtime
test to determine this if possible. I'm currently using the "this()"
pointcut, but have also tried "target()" - both seem to require runtime

Also, I want to exclude joinpoints in base classes of classes that
implement the target interface; at the moment neither of the above
pointcut primitives are doing this. 

Any advice?


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