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[aspectj-users] within(@Deprecated)?

Can anyone tell me why this compiling this program produces warnings for marker but not for deprecated (in a recent dev build of AJDT)? Is this just a bug? Both have runtime retention, so I would expect equivalent behavior.


@Deprecated @Marker

public aspect Annot {


    pointcut test() : within(@Marker *);// *);


    declare warning: staticinitialization(@Deprecated *): "deprecated";   

    declare warning: staticinitialization(@Marker *): "marker";   


    public static void main(String argz[]) {

        new Baz().foo();




@Deprecated @Marker

class Baz {

    public void foo() {}




public @interface Marker {




AJDT output:

Severity and Description Path     Resource          Location            Creation Time    Id

marker  test/src Annot.aj            line 3    1155844379522 26066491

marker  test/src Annot.aj            line 16   1155844379522 26066492