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RE: [aspectj-users] Which application server can be used with AspectJ 1.5.x load time weaving

Hi Michael,

We've used AspectJ load-time weaving successfully with WebLogic, Oracle
OC4J, JBoss, Websphere and Tomcat, JBoss and Resin as well. In general,
load-time weaving is a function of the VM, although for Java < 5 there are
also server-specific class loader plugin API's that can be used. For
example, I wrote a WebSphere-specific ClassLoader plugin that's described at

We've also built a fairly straightforward installer to install Glassbox and
AspectJ load-time weaving on many servers for Java 1.4 and 5.0 VM's, using
an updated version of Alex Vasseur's load-time weaving adapter that uses
Aspectwerkz core to weave for Java 1.4. It's available as part of the all
open source 2.0 alpha release of Glassbox (see www.glassbox.com). 

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We are planning to use AspecJ in the load time weaving mode.
Our Application is then suposed to run on the most common application 
servers available.

e.g. Bea Weblogic, Oracle, JBoss, Websphere

Is there already a list of supportet servers? I was looking for it but 
couldn't find anything.
Are there any known restrictions of AspectJ ?

Thanks in advance,

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