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Re: [aspectj-users] Running aspectj on application server

Hi Mike,

For an aspect to be woven into your application, the bytecode from either your code or code your application depends upon (e.g. application server or third party jar files) must be modified either at compile time or at load time. You probably want to consider compile time at first since that is the simplest way to aspect-enable an application.

It is important to understand what byte code needs to modified for an aspect to be "present". For example, for call type point cuts, the AspectJ compiler must control the calling code, whereas for execution type point cuts, the AspectJ compiler must control the method being advised. While I don't have a URL handy to these details, consult the AspectJ documentation regarding what the requirements are for what bytecode must be controlled by AspectJ for your aspects to NOT be ignored.

Hope that helps.


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From: "Choon Chern, Lim" <meteoric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hello everyone,
> I'm a newbie in AspectJ, and just recently, I
> downloaded AJDT plugin on my RAD 6 and started writing
> some tests to see how this thing works. 
> I plan to incorporate aspectj into my J2EE app running
> on WAS 6. What do I need to configure on the
> applcation server so that the code weaving works on my
> J2EE app? Currently I notice that all aspects are
> ignored when I run the app (I think because the aop
> compiler is not used).
> Any helps/tips/web links would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Mike
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