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[aspectj-users] Capturing join points in third party products

Hello AspectJ subscribers,
I am attempting to introduce advice when certain method calls of a third party product are invoked and obtain access to the value returned from those certain methods. My interpretation of reading the AspectJ cookbook (first edition) is that I should follow the instructions present in section 2.4, Weaving aspects into Jars. My motive here is that the aspect I have introduced to capture these method calls is giving me adviceDidNotMatch Xlint warnings at compile time and I can see my intended advice NOT being hooked at runtime.
So, I figured this was due to the third party jar needing to be dealt with in a different way than capturing method calls on one's own codebase. Thus, section 2.4 suggests the use of -inpath at compile time to indicate the .jar file to be dealt with. I was also going to try the -outjar option to capture the results of that compilation and use that resulting .jar at runtime.
Has anyone faced this issue with AspectJ 1.5.1_a and dealt with it differently and had success?
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