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Re: [aspectj-users] Easiest way of making a source and javadoc bundle for aspectJ 1.5.1a

A full AspectJ build will produce an aspectjsrc.zip for you (somewhat hidden) :- you'll find it in dist/ide/eclipse/org.aspectj.ajde.source/src. This directory also contains jdtcore-for-aspectj-src.zip, which is the source code for our embedded version of the JDT compiler. These together provide the contents of aspectjtools.jar. aspectjweaver.jar and aspectjrt.jar are both subsets of this, but we don't currently build separate source jars for them. For docs, the closest to what you need is built into dist/docs, where you'll find directories as follows: the contents of aspectjrt.jar is documented in runtime-api and aspectj5rt-api, weaver-api documents additional public api found in aspectjweaver.jar. aspectjtools.jar is a superset of both of these.

Other than for maven2, we've never had any call for the artefacts to be packaged so strictly along jar boundaries, so we haven't done it. A contribution to the aspectj build that produces the artefacts needed for maven would always be welcome ;). Of course, asking a maven devotee to write ant scripts probably won't go down too well...! ;))

I expect maven2 usage to increase, so please do raise an enhancement request and document in there exactly what  AspectJ should best do to support maven users (and maven plugin writers!), and we'll try to get this nailed for the 1.5.2 release.

On 24/04/06, Kaare Nilsen <kaare.nilsen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am the author of a maven2 aspectJ compiler plugin, and for that
plugin to work I need to upload the aspectJ binaries to ibiblio like
this : http://www.ibiblio.org/maven2/aspectj/aspectjrt/1.5.0/

As you can see the 1.5.0 release was also made with the sources.
For the 1.5.1A I will try to do the same, but I talked to the creator
of the 1.5.0 upload bundle, and he said he created the sources jar
What I would hope perhaps in the aspectJ build system i could have the
sources, and the javadoc jars created for me ?

There are 4 artifacs i need to create sources, and hopefully javadoc jars for

Any hope, or do I need to do it manually ?

Best regards
Kaare Nilsen
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-- Adrian