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Re: [aspectj-users] Problems when I add a method to a class using AspectJ

The meaning of this lint warning is briefly given in this thread:


In your case, AspectJ doesn't weave into the JDK libraries. This is partly because Sun's license does not permit modifications of the byte code. I'm not sure if AJ will let you "break" the license yourself by explicitly putting the "rt.jar" in the "-inpath". Even if it does, you would have to make sure that the newly-woven rt.jar is read first by the JVM when it boots.

Note that you can advise "call" joinpoints to Method's methods made from your code. Those calls don't require AJ to modify Method; your code is modified instead. Could you do that to meet your needs? (This approach won't catch other calls to Method from within other standard library code, however.)


email_ricevute_da-aspectj@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I would like to add a method at the class java.lang.reflect.Method using AspectJ, but it doesn't work.
I used the following code:

    public String Method.ciao(){
        return "ciao";

but I get the following warning:
   this affected type is not exposed to the weaver: java.lang.reflect.Method

I tryed to add a metod to a class that I have defined, and in that case it works.

I also tryed to add the .jar file with the java class to the AspectJ path, (c:\programmi\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\jre\lib\rt.jar) but I get an overflow error during the compilation.

Someone know how I can solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.

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