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[aspectj-users] How does ajc compile this jsp ?

         I have introduced some methods into a JSP by writing an aspect. The JSP source is generated using the jasper2 task. The JSP files are then pre-compiled using the iajc task.
The introduced method is called from another method like this after iajc is used
 if(RoleAspect.ajc$interMethodDispatch1$org_apache_jsp_pages_RoleAspect$org_apache_jsp_pages_registration_jsp$_jspx_meth_logic_notPresent_0(this, _jspx_th_html_form_0, _jspx_page_context))
                    return true;
How does iajc know to change this 'if' condition from a normal method call to this type of method call ? The normal method call in this place is
if(_jspx_meth_logic_notPresent_0(this, _jspx_th_html_form_0, _jspx_page_context))
 return true;
I  am not doing anything to remove this method call or change it before running ajc.