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Re: [aspectj-users] New AspectJ compiler is very slow under AJDT

Hi Andy

I'm using version which seems to use AspectJ version
In my workspace I have the following projects with AspectJ support enabled:
- 1 web project
- 4 Java projects
All in all we probably have roughly around 300 classes that are exposed to weaving.

I have 5 aspects which all in all crosscut 52 classes.
The pointcuts are matching about 100 places.
50 out of the 100 are actually advised by Springs AbstractTransactionAspect which means that they really result in 4 advises coming into effect (before, after, after throwing, after returning advises)


Andy Clement wrote:
Interesting ...

Can you tell me exactly the date of the build you are using?

Can you tell me the rough size of the project you are building and how much crosscutting you are doing? Are your pointcuts matching 10s of places or 1000s of places?

We have been specifically testing on the recent builds for performance and memory usage - memory is getting much better and should be at no cost to performance. (not all changes are in AJDT yet)


On 15/03/06, Jeppe Cramon <jeppe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I updated to the latest AJDT 1.3.1.x build a couple of days ago and then
tried again this morning (using Eclipse 3.1.2).
Before the weaving part of AJDT was fairly fast, but has now become sooo
slooow, that I'm thinking about removing AspectJ compile time weaving
and only use load time weaving.

Has anyone else experienced the same decrease in speed?

Thanks in advance

/Jeppe Cramon
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