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[aspectj-users] "Check out library aspects with AspectJ 5" on IBM developerWorks

Find "Check out library aspects with AspectJ 5" at


IBM developerWorks has published Wes Isberg's article "Check out
library aspects with AspectJ 5" as part of the peer-reviewed AOP@Work
series.  In this article you, dear reader, will deploy 29 library aspects in a
humorous world of new and expert users, wannabe heroes, and a doubtful manager.
Packed with tips for how to write good libraries, how to tailor them for
different users, and how to teach others about deploying and writing them,
this article helps you get ready for a new wave of AOP adoption.
Aspect libraries are reusable and can be deployed by users unfamiliar
with AOP, so AOP solutions can be delivered as components.  New features
in AspectJ 5 make library development and deployment safer and easier,
so now is the time to think about building and using aspect libraries.

Read the article :

Read the series :

And let me or Wes know what you think!

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