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[aspectj-users] AspectJ proposals for EclipseCon - your help needed!

Please support there being a good AspectJ presence at the EclipseCon
(www.eclipsecon.org) conference this year by voting for the following
proposals. Without a number of community votes, these proposals are
unlikely to get accepted - which was the case for the proposed AJDT
long talk. Fortunately you still have until February 1st to vote for
the following demos and short talks:

AJDT: The AspectJ Development Tools
Instead of an hour long talk, we are now proposing a 30 minute demo to
explore AJDT. To read more and vote visit:

Integrating Load-Time Weaving into OSGi
Matthew Webster and Martin Lippert's proposed demo will show the new
AOSGi project in action. To read more and vote visit:

Implementing Aspect-Oriented RCP-Applications
This proposed short talk from Martin Lippert and Frank Gerhardt will
cover using AspectJ with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.To read more
and vote visit:

Extending JDT to support Java-like languages
This proposed short talk draws on experience gained from working on
AJDT. Some focus on the JDT issues involved should ultimately result
in better integration for AJDT. To read more and vote visit:

If I've missed an AspectJ-related proposal, please let us know about
it. Note that the proposed AspectJ tutorial has already been accepted.

Thank you for your support,