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Re: [aspectj-users] @DeclareParents static?

On 19/12/05, Brian Ericson <bme@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm using the latest AJDT.  I've looked further into this since
> receiving your email...  The issue isn't so much that AJDT can't compile
> the files in the project, it's that it easily gets into a "funk" and
> won't compile from then on without running Project -> Clean.
> For example, I can open the files I've listed, see them error-free in
> the IDE (sorry -- that's if I add the casts as recommended), and then
> add and delete a space in one of the files (I'm doing this in
> AnnotationMoodyImplementer.java) and save the file and get an internal
> error.  From then on, the project won't compile until I clean it.

Was that internal compiler error a NullPointerException in
AsmRelationshipProvider.java? If so, I've reproduced it, and raised it
as bug 121384.
As a temporary workaround you can disable incremental compilation
(under AspectJ compiler > Other)