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[aspectj-users] AJDT 1.2.1RC1 and 1.3.0RC1 now available

We're pleased to announce the availability of:
AJDT 1.2.1RC1 for Eclipse 3.0 and
AJDT 1.3.0RC1 for Eclipse 3.1

They are available from the AJDT downloads page:


The exact build levels are and, which match the latest development builds at the
time of writing - if you have those already, then there is no need to
upgrade as they are the same. If you are using any previous release or
development builds, please try out either or both of these RC1
releases to help us make the final releases as good as possible.
Please use Bugzilla to raise any problems encountered.

It's probably obvious, but just for the record: these RC1 builds of
AJDT contain AspectJ 5 RC1.


The AJDT team.