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Re: [aspectj-users] the use of inter-type declaration for extending a class

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your information ^^ I have had such a long time to find the answer :)
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Subject: RE: [aspectj-users] the use of inter-type declaration for extending a class

Thanks Ron, I can ask for no higher praise! (although maybe a free copy of Ramnivas' next book for all the marketing I have been doing)
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You should ask Tra to share 50% of the credit he gets on this assignment... at least it sure sounds like he's a student trying to use the mailing list to do his homework. You get an A for the answer though ;-)


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(I am quoting Ramnivas Laddad, if you don't have a copy of AspectJ in Action, run out and get one!)

"A crosscutting concern often needs to affect a set of classes or interfaces that share a common base type". (Graphics objects like pointers and menus in Swing come to mind). We can't go and change the class definition for Menu to inherit from mySpecialComponent instead of inheriting from Component. Even if you are working with a set of classes that you control, the whole point of the aspect is to separate concerns, not to hard-code them into your classes. So you create mySpecialComponent extends Component, and then define an aspect to insert the cross-cutting concern into the appropriate children of Component. "The result of such an arrangement is the decoupling of the aspect from the application-specific class, thus making the aspect more re-usable."

Hope this helps


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Subject: [aspectj-users] the use of inter-type declaration for extending a class



As I know, in AspectJ there's a declaration like below, with A and B are classes

    declare parents: A extends B;


My question is: is there any real use of this kind of declaration? I think to change A's parent, we have an easier choice: change directly in class A's definition. Is there any reason why we should use this AspectJ declaration ? I hope the AspectJ authors have a reason to think of this declaration.


A small example would be very good.


I desperately need the answer for this question, any help would be greatly appreciated.






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